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Deborah Bombard-Golicki enjoys exploring organic sounds, connecting them to emotions in order to give soul to her music. A cellist and musicologist, she studied lyric singing, orchestration, musical writing and choir conducting at the conservatory and at the Sorbonne. At the same time, she studied mathematics at the Pierre and Marie Curie University.

She became a studio and stage cellist and performed for several artists.

After a decisive meeting with a director, Xiao Wang, Deborah composed the music for many film projects including Louise Condemi's "Romance, abscisse et ordonnée", and Antoine du Jeu's "L'ami de vacances". In 2021, she composed the score of Emilie Rault's "Duet for solo cellist", a play for which she is also the main performer.


Romance, abscisse et ordonnée

directed by Louise Condemi.

selected in Competition:
at the Festival tous courts d’Aix-en-Provence
selected in Competition:
at theTrouville Off-Courts Festival
selected in Competition:
at the Bordeaux International Indépendent Film Festival 2020
selected in Competition:
at the Villeurbanne Court Festival
selected in Panorama selection:
at the Festival Côté Court
at the Smells like teen spirit Festival
pre-selected in Competition:
to the César

Affiche R A & O

Duo pour violoncelliste seule

Play written and directed by Emilie Rault, supported by the DRAC and the Adami with the 14:20 Company and supported by the CENTQUATRE-PARIS.

Illustration D P V S

Showcase at the WIP in April 2020.

L'homme à la mercedes pourpre

Réalisé par Marine Levéel

Best Actress ADAMI Award for Dominique Valadié

Affiche l'H. à la M. P.

Hot summer

Réalisé par Simon Dupuis

Affiche Hot Summer

Bande démo


Un rêve d'évasion

"Un rêve d'évasion" directed by Constance Dreyfus.
Music composed by Deborah Bombard-Golicki.

Le monde sous toutes ses coutures

Teaser of the future documentary series "Le monde sous toutes ses coutures », directed by Dora Moutot & Sophie Pinchetti.
Music composed by Deborah Bombard-Golicki in collaboration with Akuelu Aka..

But I'm a Creep

"But I'm a Creep" directed by Xiao Wang.
Music composed by Deborah Bombard-Golicki.


Title song into "Tu es en avance "


Excerpt from "Tu es en avance"

Excerpt from "L'Intrus"


Debo BG

Debo BG