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Deborah is a young composer and cellist. Her strength: a true cinephilia combines with a true mastery of music writing thanks to her classical training. She is both passionate and knowledgeable regarding contemporary music, whether it be rock, electro or indie. This enables her to maintain a great capacity for openness, adaptation and creation throughout her work, following the requests of the directors she collaborates with.

Graduate of the Paris Conservatory, Deborah is able to compose and play multiple instruments such as the cello, the guitar, the piano and the bass. She also has a diploma in lyrical singing and a Sorbonne Master’s degree in Musicology.

Deborah has composed music for several short and medium-length films (fiction), as well as documentaries. She has also composed music for a musical. "Listen"

As a cellist, Deborah has played for Nolwenn Leroy, Elodie Frégé, Thomas Dutronc. She has also created the VVAV quartet with which she has played with Loney Dear at the Châtelet Theater under the direction of Yann Tiersen. They have also performed at the Olympia with Stuck in the sound, at la Maroquinerie with Saint-Michel, at the New Morning, etc.

According to Deborah, a good actor should be able to play the role of a criminal as well as that of a clown. Therefore, a film composer, must be able to compose music of all kinds."


Bande démo

Classic Night

Directed by Rénata Charikiopoulos with a music composed by Deborah Bombard-Golicki and Akuelu Aka.
2 awards:
- Screener's choice award at Trinity Film Festival (Connecticut, USA).
- Best experimental film at Student Cuts 2016 (Maribor, Slovenia)
9 nominations:
- FECI Bogota (Colombia).
Projected at the Museo Nacional de Colombia. Thanks to a total success, Classic Night is part of a tour around some theaters in different cities in Colombia and other countries :
- Medellin (Colombia)
- Cali (Colombia)
- Mexico City (Mexico)
- New York (USA)
- Toronto (Canada)
- Other cities to be confirmed.
- PUCH Film Fest à Bristol (USA)
- NewarkIFF (New Jersey, USA)
- All Lights India International Film Festival
- KisaKes Film Festival (Istambul, Turquie)
- Rural Film Fest (Eden de la Mancha, Espagne)
- Phoenix Film Festival (Melbourne, Australie)
- 39 th Elche International Independent Film Festival (Alicante, Espagne)
- IndieWise FREE Virtual Festival (Vancouver, Canada)

La dérobée

Directed by Fanny Pelinq and Xiao Wang with a music composed by Deborah Bombard-Golicki.
2 nominations:
- La Soirée des Réalisateurs.
- Festival du Court-Métrage Sur Les Pas de Mon Oncle, chaired by the director Olivier Nakache (Nos jours heureux, Intouchable) in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (94100).


Le monde sous toutes ses coutures

Teaser of the future documentary series "Le monde sous toutes ses coutures », directed by Dora Moutot & Sophie Pinchetti.
Music composed by Deborah Bombard-Golicki in collaboration with Akuelu Aka..

Cine-concert: the masterclass of the Festival International du Film d’Aubagne 2015
logo du C.C.M.C.F.I.D.F.Aubagne
THE TUMBLE BUGS - Acrobatic Marvels.
Music composed by Deborah Bombard-Golicki.

THE TUMBLE BUGS - Acrobatic Marvels à Aubagne.
Music composed by Deborah Bombard-Golicki.

Demo of The Boxing Potato Bugs Music composed by Deborah Bombard-Golicki in collaboration with Léonard Desarthe.

The Boxing Potato Bugs - "Battling Murphy" vs "Kid Early Rose" in Aubagne.
Music composed by Deborah Bombard-Golicki in collaboration with Léonard Desarthe.

But I'm a Creep

"But I'm a Creep" directed by Xiao Wang.
Music composed by Deborah Bombard-Golicki.


Title song into "Tu es en avance "


Excerpt from "Tu es en avance"

Excerpt from "L'Intrus"


Debo BG

WAV Quatuor

Debo BG